Scholarship Criteria

You must meet the following six requirements to be eligible for the PSW Scholarship.


You must establish to the satisfaction of the Trustees’ a level of “hardship” that curtails your ability to attend Otago University.

All types of “hardship” are considered including, but not limited to, family financial hardship, a special need, a medical issue, or a social disadvantage within your family.


You should have resided in Taranaki for 5 years and have attended a Taranaki secondary school.


This scholarship is not based only on academic ability, nor limited to a particular degree or faculty. However it is conditional on you passing NCEA level 3 and gaining University Entrance.

The Trustees need to be satisfied that you are capable of obtaining an undergraduate degree.


You must intend to study as a full -time student next year and to live in a College of Residence for that first year of study.


Support in your second year may be offered, but is conditional, amongst other things, on you achieving a level of exam success of not less than 90 points in your first year.


Your application must be supported in writing by your secondary school.